I'm brand new to eOS, but I've used other linux distros before.

I have installed Gdebi ok.

My problem is that Gdebi isn't working properly when I run it after clicking on a file in Files explorer and run 'Open With' an error box appears- "unable to open files or uris with this app".

It installs everything ok if run from within Applications- it's UI finds, opens and installs without issue.

Is the problem with the installation of Gdebi ( I've reinstalled several times), or with Files? I've tried different .deb files so an isolated corrupt .deb file is not the issue.

Thanks for any help available.


I had the same problem. For quite some time, I used another application called Eddy available on the AppCenter. However, I had some issues with dependencies.

If one doesn't have enough knowledge of dpkg and apt, I'd still suggest using 'GDebi.' I don't know why the GUI front-end gives problems in Elementary OS. I guess this is because if you open GDebi from a regular user account, it freezes since it is somehow prevented from asking sudo permissions.

My solution is to run GDebi from command line under sudo, that is

sudo  gdebi  path_to/file.deb

I never had issues with this approach.

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