I'm new to Linux so please bear with me.

I've just installed 0.4.1 Loki from a USB drive and whereas the WiFi worked when I booted up from the USB drive, it doesn't after full installation.

If I go into System Settings > Network, it doesn't show any WiFi networks in the left hand column. However, if I click on Edit Connections, my network appears in the drop down box. But I can't seem to activate it in any way.

Am I missing something?

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Inside It will be a update (bcmwl-kernel-source). Simply click on free button to start the Broadcom 802.11 Linux STA wireless driver update.
Done, everything working fine after this.


I had the same problem with a MacBook Pro late 2008.

I had to install the firmware driver for the broadcom network-adapter manually. I found it out, because the dmesg command gave me the reason and the install guide of elementary OS points to the same issue.

To install without a network connection I mounted the install media and followed the instructions for the bcmwl-kernel-source here.

Finally it works.

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