i made a volume raise and lower keyboard shortcut then my original volume buttons stopped working i tried making them the shortcut and that wont work because i have to use more than one key in a shortcut cant be a single key , i made the shortcut ctrl+ raise volume button to increase volume now my question is can i edit this in terminal or in the file using scratch so that i can remove the ctrl button and just keep the raise volume button so that it would go back to normal ? i am using elementary please keep the answers detailed yet easy to follow i am new.


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You can fix this by installing 'Dconf editor' from the AppCentre.

  1. Open this program and go to org>gnome>settings-daemon>plugins>media-keys

  2. Scroll all the way down to where you find 'volume-down' and 'volume-up'.

  3. If you click on these you will get a list with options,at the bottom you can toggle the option 'use default value' to ON.

This will revert the keyboard shortcuts back to the original volume keys.

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