I am having problems with elementary OS booting. I have had it installed for about 2 months now on my MacBook Pro. I have a dual boot with macOS and elementary OS, using the rEFIend boot manager. I recently ran sudo apt-get upgrade and sudo apt-get update, and when I tried to start it up this morning, it did not start.

These are the details on the Linux version. It says "\vmlinuz-4.13.0-39-generic.efi."

rEFIend boot management description

Previously when I did this in the past, I was able to hit options and boot into the virtual machine where I could fix the problem. Now it runs the normal boot, and then this at a dimmer screen. I have tried things like Ctrl+Alt+F1 and Ctrl+Alt+F2 and have been unable to get the correct screen to pull up. It shows this on startup:

After boot top of screen

The lower part of the screen shows the following:

After boot lower part of screen

Once it gets to 100%, it goes completely black. I need help fixing this and would appreciate any help. None of the other questions I have seen in the forums or online have helped my problem. Thanks!

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