I have a NVIDIA 970M / Skylake laptop with which I would like to be able to switch to Intel graphics for longer battery life. When I use NVIDIA Prime to switch to Intel power saving mode, the boot process will always freeze at "started LightDM" unless I use the nomodeset parameter when I boot. Unfortunately, I can't find any way to adjust the screen brightness when nomodeset is passed.

I've been researching this issue for a couple of days. I've found references to being able to get by the issue by using more modern Intel graphics drivers (see https://askubuntu.com/questions/835364/ubuntu-16-04-1-nvidia-working-but-intel-shows-black-screen ). Unfortunately, The Intel Driver Update Tool seems to be defunct, and the only Intel drivers I can find are in .bin format.

Does anyone know of a currently workable way to update the Intel graphic drivers on a 16.04.2 based system, or another way around this issue?

Thank you, Alan

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