It looks exactly same as you see in the picture above. I was be able to click to install before, but I can't click it anymore. It says "No components with updates".

This may have happened because of me, I closed the AppCenter during the download process.


You're probably up to date, closing AppCenter while it's downloading an update probably didn't stop it, it likely finished in the background.

If you want to double check, you can ensure your system is up to date the "old way" via a couple of terminal commands...

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade

elementary is ramping up for a new version, so in all likelihood, they are telling developers to hold off on the upgrades. Meanwhile the Ubuntu LTS it is based on is also getting long in the tooth. You'd need to activate a backports repo to get new upgrades.

Just wait for eOS Juno to come out. You will have enough to cope with then.

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