I have been reading that Linux in general does not run well on the late 2016 MacBook Pro. I have been running several distros with minimal problems through the Parallel Desktop Lite app, including Elementary, but when I try to use Epiphany, it THINKS it gives me results, in the ALL category, but nothing is displayed. A blank screen. Is this the incompatibility of the hardware or is there a way to get Ephiphany or any Gnome browser to work? Firefox runs fine.

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This was previously reported at https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1480554

Parallels is probably missing some OpenGL extension expected by WebKit. If you want to debug this further, you're going to have to report a bug upstream, at https://bugs.webkit.org/. Prefix the bug title with [GTK] and select the 'WebKit Gtk' Bugzilla component to make sure it gets seen. Ask for help with debugging the issue. Important: run the 'glxinfo' command within Parallels and paste the output. Also look for any command line warnings that might be printed when running epiphany from the command line.

For a workaround, try running it from the command line with this environment variable set:


and see if that works.

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