Is there a way to right align the secondary text on the welcome widget. I have a rather longish secondary text (attached screenshot) and the text will look better if the left margin is aligned rather then the centering of the text.

Also is there a way to break the text into two paragraphs. Here is the code snippet, I use - standard way to create the welcome widget.

Granite.Widgets.Welcome welcome = new Granite.Widgets.Welcome (

The complete code is here on GitHub.

Thanks in advance for the help.

enter image description here

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You might be out of luck here. Granite.Widgets.Welcome does not have an API for that.

Here's an approach that might still work: Granite.Widgets.Welcome is a subclass of Gtk.Bin containing a Gtk.Grid. To get at the label you should first get the grid using Granite.Widgets.Welcome.get_child () and then search for the label inside that grid using Gtk.Grid.get_children () which returns a list of all children. In that list you should find your desired label. To align the text to the left, just set that_label.justify = Gtk.Justification.LEFT.

However, you really should not do this. Granite.Widgets.Welcome is not meant for this purpose. It should contain short headings and everything that goes further should not be included here.

I would suggest using a Gtk.Dialog with a "Do not show again" tick box that pops up on startup instead.

  • Thanks for the workaround, will try that. It seems logical. I did have a dialogue before with “remember the decision” but the welcome looks a better experience since I have a URL as part of the text and granite link urls with the icon looks so much better... Apr 28, 2018 at 7:07
  • Just in case someone else needs this, here is the code snippet: //Format welcome secondary text Grid welcome_grid = (Grid) welcome.get_child (); GLib.List<weak Gtk.Widget> welcome_widgets = welcome_grid.get_children (); foreach(Widget aWelcomeWidget in welcome_widgets){ debug(aWelcomeWidget.get_path().to_string()); //grab the secondary text label if(aWelcomeWidget.get_path().to_string().contains("GtkLabel") && aWelcomeWidget.get_path().to_string().contains("h2")) { ((Label)aWelcomeWidget).justify = Gtk.Justification.LEFT; break; } } Apr 28, 2018 at 9:27

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