I am relatively new to Linux and Elementary OS, and I need your help. I recently installed PushBullet extension on Google Chrome and set Chrome to autostart and run in background. Everything works fine, I got perfect synchronization between my pc and phone. However, one thing that disappoints me is the google chrome tray icon (colorful) that does not feet with the system icons (white) on the top panel. In order for Chrome to autostart and run in the background I installed another extension (countDown), it was impossible to autostart Chrome without it. The question is: How to change Google Chrome tray icon? Or how to remove it from the wingpanel,keeping Google Chrome running in the background? I tried different options to reach the desired result: changing icons in the themes and icons directories, using dconf editor, searching in chrome setting-nothing works. Please help! this is the icon I want to change or want to remove

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