I'm fairly new to Elementary, so I'm still having problems every once in a while.

It's been a couple of weeks since I downloaded OS updates the last time, but the App center has ceased to work properly ever since...

Here's the notification that comes out every time I try to fetch new updates:

E: http://packages.elementary.io/appcenter xenial/main DEP-11 64x64 Icons is not (yet) available (Could not open file /var/lib/apt/lists/partial/packages.elementary.io_appcenter_dists_xenial_main_dep11_icons-64x64.tar.gz - open (13: Permission denied) [IP: 80])

Can anybody help me to fix the bug?

Thanks in advance

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I got this error resolved by running

sudo apt-get clean



Going based just off of your error message. The contents of that directory are only partially downloaded. [This could be due to apt possibly being interrupted at some point during its last run]

(warning: this can be a very dangerous command if not typed exactly as specified)

This should fix your problem:

sudo rm -rf /var/lib/apt/lists/partial/*

and then simply try running:

sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade

Let me know if this helps :)

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