I do not know how to create symbolic links in elementary OS Loki, and my attempts have resulted in errors. (I've tried drag drop and the context menu to no avail).

I notice that Drag & drop defaults to Copy instead of giving the menu option. I also tried Thunar's "Send To" which appears to crash the system. I don't feel comfortable using the terminal, so I wish to do this using the GUI if possible.

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In the Files application built-in to EOS it's actually really easy:

  • Drag and drop the file / folder on top of itself (you will see a ? instead of the usual drag icon)
  • A context menu will show with link here
  • Then a symlink will be created in the same folder
  • Now drag that wherever you like!

This definitely works in Loki, I've just done it.

The parent Distro, Ubuntu seems to also support this with middle click. Do you have a three button mouse? - I'm using a touchpad so I can't test:

GUI You can easily create a symbolic link to a folder or file by middle clicking on the folder with the mouse and dragging it to its new location, while holding the middle mouse button.


Otherwise you'll need to use the command line probably.


In the Files application, open two folders in different windows, for example, one in ~/Downloads and the other in ~/Documents.

Select your file, now drag it to the other window while keeping the RIGHT button down. When you release the button, a small menu pops up letting you choose whether to move, copy or link the file

enter image description here

You do have to have write priviliges to the folder you are dropping the file to. making links in /usr/bin, for example is best left to the command-line.

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