I'm using a Tuxedo InfinityBook with eOS 0.4.1 Loki. When I hit [FN] + [VOL. UP/DOWN], the changes only take effect on every second hit. So, to lower or raise the volume by one step, I have to hit [FN] + [VOL. UP/DOWN] twice.

While this is not a critical problem, it bugs me though. Especially because it used to work normally until a month back or so.

I noticed that the system seems to "save the state" of the volume even though no changes take place: When I hit [FN] + [VOL. DOWN] and [FN] + [VOL. UP] in a row, nothing happens, but when I do the same again after that, the volume first decreases and then increases by one step, as one would expect.

This problem only occurs with the volume buttons, e.g. the brightness keys work as expected.

Has anyone experienced similar issues and managed to solve them?

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