I installed xscreensaver after having an issue that my laptop suddenly didn't enter sleep mode automatically anymore, and after an initial period where all remained fine, I noticed my login window being changed, the photo appearing square and the login form roughened, then after rebooting, I noticed many interface changes; I installed the app using the AppCenter. Which thus did mess up many visual elements (icons, window decorations, and such). How can I restore the interface to normal?

A similar issue has been reported here, with another screensaver app, mate.


The answer apparently lies in the interface tweaks. I have it installed on my system.

Open system settings > tweaks

  • GTK+ > Elementary
  • Icons > Elementary

Restores the interface to the original settings. Though, I don't know the reason the settings were changed by xscreensaver, nor if the fix is permanent, but it does the job.

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