The symptom may or may not be related to my renaming the /etc/hostname on my machine but I thought to mention it as it caused a few other issues.

The important line from the wingpanel command results seems to be this one: [AccountsService] act_user_get_uid: assertion 'ACT_IS_USER (user)' failed

Here are the full results:

[INFO 11:46:22.627762] Application.vala:153: System Panel version: 2.0.4
[INFO 11:46:22.627782] Application.vala:155: Kernel version: 4.13.0-26-generic
[FATAL 11:46:22.691587] [AccountsService] act_user_get_uid: assertion 'ACT_IS_USER (user)' failed
[FATAL 11:46:22.691946] [AccountsService] act_user_get_uid: assertion 'ACT_IS_USER (user)' failed
[FATAL 11:46:22.712127] display_widget_set_icon_name: assertion 'self != NULL' failed
[FATAL 11:46:22.712337] display_widget_set_icon_name: assertion 'self != NULL' failed
[16:46:22.754463 Critical] string_to_string: assertion 'self != NULL' failed
[16:46:22.780242 Gtk-Critical] gtk_widget_set_no_show_all: assertion 'GTK_IS_WIDGET (widget)' failed
[16:46:22.780251 Gtk-Critical] gtk_widget_set_visible: assertion 'GTK_IS_WIDGET (widget)' failed
[16:46:22.786473 Gtk-Warning] Attempting to add a widget with type AyatanaCompatibilityIndicatorButton to a container of type GtkRevealer, but the widget is already inside a container of type GtkRevealer, please remove the widget from its existing container first.
[16:46:22.899883 Warning] [DesktopFileInfo] Unable to get exec for GNOME Shell integration
[16:46:22.900194 Warning] [DesktopFileInfo] Unable to create AppInfo
[16:46:22.905875 Warning] [DesktopFileInfo] Unable to get exec for Other
[16:46:22.914593 Warning] [DesktopFileInfo] Unable to create AppInfo
[ERROR 11:46:22.942997] [GLib-GIO] Settings schema 'org.pantheon.dpms' is not installed
[1]    6292 trace trap (core dumped)  wingpanel

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