Thank you for your help! I've linked my Gmail account with Pantheon-Mail on the latest Elementary OS. Emails download and I can send them no problem. My problem is that when I press A or archive, nothing happens! The emails don't delete or archive.

I've tried pressing the respective icons as well, to no avail.

My system info is: elementary OS 0.4.1 Loki Linux 4.13.0-32-generic GTK+ 3.18.9

Many thanks!

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Try killing your running Pantheon Mail instance and launching it with the --debug option set:

pkill pantheon-mail
pantheon-mail --debug

If you're having the same issue as me, then you should see Pantheon Mail is trying to use the wrong IMAP folders for archiving/trashing mails, and this breaks the UI commands you're trying to use. The Online Accounts dialog doesn't offer a "Gmail" provider option (even though Pantheon Mail has code for handling that explicitly) and thus the configuration for Pantheon Mail ends up being wrong.

I've found a temporary fix -- I haven't yet found a way to persist this configuration change as it is automatically regenerated. Again, make sure Pantheon Mail is not running:

pkill pantheon-mail

Then open the ~/.local/share/pantheon-mail/[email protected]/geary.ini file, change service_type from OTHER to GMAIL, and save.

Launch Pantheon Mail again and enjoy your archiving/deletion... until the next login.


This might also be a language issue: I could not delete mails until I changed the configuration in geary.ini fom




as I'm using a German Gmail account. After that a delete was possible...

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