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I can't get multi touch gestures working for desktop shifting.

My process

git clone http://github.com/bulletmark/libinput-gestures
cd libinput-gestures
sudo make install
sudo apt install libinput-tools xdotool
sudo gpasswd -a $USER input
libinput-gestures-setup autostart


sudo apt-get xdotool wmctrl

Then I copied the conf file

sudo cp /etc/libinput-gestures.conf ~/.config/

The edited that file

sudo nano ~/.config/libinput-gestures.conf

Added the following on the bottom,

gesture swipe down 3 xdotool super+Down
gesture swipe left 3 xdotool super+Left
gesture swipe right 3 xdotool super+Right

After saving the file, restarting or logging off and then logging back in I don't get any workspace changing on gesture.

My trackpad is capable, it two finger scrolls well.

When I open the keyboard map its noted that my left windows button is listed as 'Super L' and when I try to remap the workspace shifter keyboard shortcut it thinks my left windows key is Super L and displays the Mac command button icon.

This all seems good compared to what others have posted, but I can't get it to shift workspaces.

Ideally I'd want 3 fingers swiping left and right to shift workspaces left and right and then 3 fingers swipe down to open the exploded multitasking view.



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Working fine for me on Juno 5.0. Just changed key codes:

gesture swipe down 3 xdotool key super+Down
gesture swipe right 3 xdotool key super+Left
gesture swipe left 3 xdotool key super+Right

I have just followed the instructions on https://neal.codes/blog/adding-mac-like-touch-gestures-to-elementary-os , I have tested everything except the chapter "Better tap to click" and it works perfect for me.

The only difference I found compared to the instructions you did is libinput-gestures-setup restart - you have autostart. I have tried with start also and it works fine, probably you have to try one of these options. Also in order to work you have to log-out>log-in after you add yourself into the input group - this was a notice I read on the shell when I have tried libinput-gestures-setup start before logging out.

Good luck!

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