When extracting files in a folder with lots of files, using right click menu > Extract here, it's quite a hassle to locate the extracted files. I usually start a search on the file name. There is also no feedback whether the extraction worked, as the compressed file stays selected, even when a file / folder is added the scroll position is unchanged (Except for in the Grid view).

I would like to get the files that are extracted selected in some way.

This would probably requires adapting the "Extract here" contract file (/usr/share/contractor/file-roller-extract-here.contract). I however haven't been able to find the origin of this contract, which package adds it. It doesn't seem to be a part of the github.com/elementary source code, it's also not included in the file-roller code. Does anyone know?

Also see the issue I opened on this, in the not so appropriate place, the elementary Files issue queue: https://github.com/elementary/files/issues/289

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The file-roller contract is part of the patched file-roller package that elementary uses. Currently 3.16.5-0ubuntu1.2+elementary4~ubuntu0.4.1. You can report issues here: https://github.com/elementary/ubuntu-package-imports/issues


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