I'm on a MBP coming from OSX. I'd like to switch Super and Ctrl in all scenarios. I know it's very easy and requires installing nothing because I did it last night while trying out this distro, but now I can't find the like I had followed that explained how to do it.

How can I switch Super and Ctrl permanently?


I don't like the options involving Autokey and others. For me, I found the best solution in Tweak Tool. You can install Tweak Tool in eOS's AppCenter. Under the Typing section of TweakTool you can choose Alt/Win key behavior -> Alt is swapped with Win.

You can also do Ctrl key position -> Swap Left Win key with Left Ctrl key.

I have an operating system agnostic keyboard where I swapped the Super key (aka the ⌘ key or Win key) with the Alt key to look like the Mac keyboard. So far this solution has worked ~ok~ for me, but I would definitely prefer a real solution from eOS since it is advertised as a Mac replacement.

  • Tweak Tool really save my life. I use "Left Alt as Ctrl, Left Ctrl as Win, Left Win as Alt" under Ctrl key position – Eric Fong Jul 25 '18 at 14:35

sudo nano /usr/share/X11/xkb/symbols/pc

Switch Control and Super, it'll look something like this

...key <NMLK> {        [ Num_Lock              ]       };

key <LFSH> {        [ Shift_L               ]       };
key <LCTL> {        [ Super_L               ]       };
key <LWIN> {        [ Control_L             ]       };

key <RTSH> {        [ Shift_R               ]       };
key <RCTL> {        [ Super_R               ]       };
key <RWIN> {        [ Control_R             ]       };
key <MENU> {        [ Menu ..... 

Found it here https://askubuntu.com/questions/131900/how-do-i-switch-the-command-key-and-control-key-on-a-macbook-pro#158014

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