Is it possible to set the icon for an application, both in the dock and in the Applications launcher, to execute a command?

I need to be able to launch Kodi with the LIRC support for a specific remote at the same time. I can do this from terminal with the command "/usr/bin/kodi --lircdev /var/run/lirc/lircd", which I've also set as a custom command to run at startup. However if I click on the Kodi icon from dock or applications, it doesn't support the remote. So I'm just looking for a way to alter the icon to send that command signal, instead of just launching Kodi on its own.

I tried pinning to dock the instance of Kodi that launches on startup, but it still just launches standard Kodi.

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I would try using AppEditor to alter or add a .desktop file. Those desktop files control what you see for example in the Applications menu.


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