I'm obviously missing something, but when I select an ebook, it opens in BookWorm. But when I want to select it to be deleted, it just opens the ebook:

  • Left click on ebook just opens it.
  • Clicking on the - button and then on the ebook also opens it.

Clearly not one of my brighter moments - is this a bug or am I just in need of coffee? :)

Here's a GIF of what I'm doing (click for full-size):

animated screenshot

  • Came across this today...the right sequence for deletion is to first select the books by clicking on the tick icon on the bottom and then clicking on the - icon on the bottom bar. Apr 16, 2018 at 5:42

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Since this is a 3rd party app and not an app that elementary develops, you probably should open an issue report in Bookworm's tracker since it looks like their wiki is empty.


Actually this is an User Experience issue.

enter image description here

The good news is: it works.
The bad news: It's freakin' confusing.

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