I recently upgraded from Luna to Freya. I formatted my 20GB root partition, but I kept my 80GB /home partition.

I had elementary tweaks installed and I was running super-wingpanel instead of the default wingpanel. When I upgraded to Freya, I no longer had elementary-tweaks installed, but for some reason, my system was still trying to run super-wingpanel which resulted in frustration because now I had no wingpanel at all.

I solved the problem by installing tweaks for Freya and then under Cerbere, I removed the super-wingpanel entry and added an entry for wingpanel.

Why did these settings persist from my Luna installation to my clean install of Freya? Is there a way to fix Cerbere without installing the Freya tweaks ppa?

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Just as a reminder/disclaimer elementary tweaks has never been supported by the elementary OS developers (for reasons like this). These settings persisted because elementary tweaks modified user settings (not system settings) and since you kept your /home partition intact the settings were not overwritten.

All your user settings are stored in a GSettings file located in ~/.config/dconf/user. If you wanted to completely reset all of your user settings, you could rename this file and start from a blank slate. However, I would not recommend doing so. If you wanted to just change the Cerbere setting, you could have reset it to the default by running the following command:

gsettings reset org.pantheon.desktop.cerbere monitored-processes

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