I want use onedrive as my cloud storage, I've found this (http://xmodulo.com/sync-microsoft-onedrive-linux.html) on the web but the program doesn't support elementary OS. If i could not find a way, I have no choose but changing my distro to mint tnx

  • Does Mint have a onedrive client now? I think not... – Paul Webb Jan 13 '18 at 18:13

You can try to fix the ./install.sh script at line 40 from




There are a few OneDrive clients out there. Might want to give these two a try:

OneDrive-d and

OneDrive Free Client

Keep in mind that I have not tried either of these as I do not use OneDrive.


I installed OneDrive FreeClient a few minutes ago as suggested above. The Git Hub website is pretty much clear about the path to prepare the installation.

The one step is not that clear is running the OneDrive file (./onedrive), and after authorizing the app, (click on the URL the app generates and then pasting back on the Terminal the blank page URI) it starts downloading your info.

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