Let me start by saying that I'm an absolute noob here. Barely 24 hours on a linux based system. So please don't mind if my framing of the question seems uninformed or noobish. Here is the main issue- I want to install drivers for my laptop and none of the divers say 'for elementary os' they say 'ubuntu';'bsd';'linux' and so on. So, I wanted to know which one of these is elementary based on so that I can download and install it for my elementary - https://imgur.com/3eiETJS

This answer will help me install other such softwares too. Thank you in advance :)


You can check this link for the version you installed. You probably have installed Loki which is based on Ubuntu 16.04 Hope that helps!


You can also see this by going to System settings > About. In the case of Loki it will mention something like:

Build on "Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS"

P.S: You can download the drivers that are meant for Ubuntu. That should work.

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