I've been having problems with Freya, Ubuntu 16 and Linux Mint over the last few weeks - all boot problems and all something to do with Busybox

This week I installed Loki onto 2 HDD's on my PC. One I updated and customised with packages I like to use and it suddenly refused to boot - Busybox was there and gave me the intramfs prompt.

I rebooted onto the other HDD and ran dpkg -L busybox and found it isn't there on the basic installation and my system starts perfectly on that HDD.

I do not want Busybox, it seems to be something invented for compact devices such as phones. I read about it and find it's incredibly invasive and also has vulnerabilities that are related to Microsoft.

It has caused me loads of head-banging grief.

Am I going to find Busybox after a Loki update or does it ship with certain packages? If so which ones please so I can avoid it?

I hate it so much. I looked at Debian iso's on the Debian website and they All have it.

I am looking to keep my elementary system free of it or find another distro that will not include it at all.


Firstly, I don't believe EOS ships with busybox by default, however there are steps you can take that should do what you require.


On installing Loki (or now if already installed) sudo apt-get remove busybox just to make sure it isn't installed, and if so remove (if it says other packages depend on it, remove them all too).

Next, try adding the below line to: /etc/apt/preferences

Package: busybox
Pin: release *
Pin-Priority: -1

This should stop it ever appearing, and prevent you from installing anything that depends on it.

You should be able to test by running:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install busybox

If that doesn't fail, I guess you can look at other options with this link but I think that the above pin should be enough to prevent you from ever installing it.


Thank you I think that it sort of takes over initialising things. I'll be careful and will see how that goes though, I would think I can still install things again without it. I've looked at a few distros and they all come with it. Loki seems alright just now. Perhaps it's because I install a few needed packages from gnome.

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