Allow advertisements is disabled in Preferences, but some ads, especially Facebook ads, bypass the filter. I've tried adding some custom lists to /home/.config/epiphany/adblock/filters.list but they didn't remove the facebook ads. Nothing changed compared with the default easylist.txt.

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In my humble opinion, just try to install Firefox from app center or via terminal and use ublock origin and Facebook container plugins in Firefox.

I get rid of the Epiphany in terminal

sudo apt remove --purge epiphany


sudo apt update

And installed Firefox

sudo apt install firefox

Then some clean

sudo apt autoremove

Problem solved.

By the way read this thread on reddit,. where is explanation that founders of Elementary OS use chrome. Big LOL. Videos from YouTube and other sites not playing properly in Epiphany?


Open Epiphany Browser Go to settings Top Right Corner Click on Preferences OR CTRL + E Uncheck Allow Advertisement in general Tab to block ads .

  • Sorry, I forgot to mention that. I edited my question. Nov 4, 2017 at 8:19

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