Good morning,

I have installed a Torrential however I am no table to use it. When I try to download a torrent, Elementary offers the list of torrent clients, but Torrential is not amongst them. Also, when I try to change defaults in Firefox, I do not see it in the list.

How can I make it default client? I tried to browse, but I have no clue where it is hiding and what file to select to run it.

Thank you Peter

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if you save the torrent file on your pc, then by going to the downloads folder and right-clicking it you can choose which application to open it with. There you should also(however I don't remember how) be able to set it as the default app for that filetype


I would recommend opening an issue on the app's issue queue: https://github.com/davidmhewitt/torrential/issues

You could manually select it from the file system by selecting "Choose other Application", navigating to /usr/bin/ and selecting com.github.davidmhewitt.torrential.

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