I have a Lenovo Z51-70 with Intel integrated graphics and an AMD R9 M375X. I have several GPU related questions: What kind of drivers do I have to install? Where from? How can I set which GPU is used? Thanks in advance

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I have a Lenovo flex 4 with an i7 and AMD M465 (I think without double checking). I spent some time trying to force GPU usage and many remedies I found broke the windows drivers. OpenGL seems to be what works for now. Again, I broke the windows drivers a few times until I gave up and settled for OpenGL but here is the page for official AMD support and documentation. I would only attempt if you are willing to fix your machine in CLI or reformat if something goes wrong.


what graphics card do you have? The answer to your question depends on that

try using lspci | grep VGA to check it and either screenshot it or write the result back and I'll post an aswer to what you need to do

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