I am aware of plank --preferences, plank tweeks (with different themes, but I love original one) and the settings file within a .config/ directory. However I would like to change shadow intensity/opacity under a current application icon or/and change blue circle under this icon to light green and so forth. Is there a separate .css file or something else to do to accomplish more precise customization?

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cd ~/.local/share/plank/themes or cd /usr/share/plank/themes List sub folders of a themes folder by ls command and pick a sub folder you are interesting in (for example: Pantheon, ElementaryPantheon, Moka etc.) by performing cd FolderName. Open dock.theme file in your favorite text editor via sudo. Explore thoroughly all options that are available — play around, change and save it. You will see the result immediately without killing plank (killall plank).

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