Is it possible to connect to ssh server using pantheon-files with public key or .pem file, i really need this integration. The GUI now only show server, surname and password field i cant see a way to select a ssh key

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You should submit an "wishlist" issue on Github about this ( at https://github.com/elementary/files/issues). This is not something that is currently implemented within Files.


You could try like this:

  1. Set your config file in ~/.ssh
  2. Define your host as follows:

    Host some.mydomain.com        
      HostName mydomain.com
      Port 22
      User myuser
      IdentityFile ~/.ssh/my_id_rsa
  3. Next, in Pantheon Files just set your SSH host as some.mydomain.com with no username and password.

  4. Connect and have fun.


It actually works if you use the default id file (~/.ssh/id_rsa). You need to enter the server name like user@host and leave user name and password fields blank. Then, there comes a pop-up asking you to enter the id file password and all works.

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