What is the Root Password. I have tried the boot to recovery mode and I tried to change the root password and kept getting an authentication error. This thing did not let me set the root password when I installed it. I need root to install the Lamp stack and other things. It's kind of useless unless I can get super user to do various admin functions. Otherwise I'm just another user and I don't want to be just a user on my own machine.

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The default behavior of Ubuntu based distributions is to lock the root account to encourage the safer behavior of using sudo on individual commands that need escalated priveleges. That way you're not running as root all the time and it's a little safer.

There are a number of guides on the internet on how to install a LAMP stack on Ubuntu based distributions like this one. That should work for elementary too and you don't need to be logged in as root to do it. You just enter sudo in front of the commands and it prompts you for your user's password.

However, if you really still want to log in as root, you can use sudo -i and enter your password.


never really used the above command "sudo -i" ... what I always do when needing root for a series of commands (because I am lazy and don't want to type sudo all the time) is just "sudo su -" ... sounds like it does the same as the above

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