I am planning to buy asus zenbook flip ux360. I will be running Linux on it and would really appreciate if anyone can share their experience of running elementary OS on it. Here is the link to the laptop: https://www.amazon.com/ZenBook-UX360CA-UBM1T-13-3-inch-Touchscreen-Convertible/dp/B01HZT6AR0

Please let me know if this question doesn't belong here and I will delete it.

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So it's been about 2 months since I have been using elementary OS on an Asus Zenbook Flip UX360. I will write down my experience so that it helps anyone else who is planning to buy this laptop.

  1. Installation:
    1. I created installation media using Rufus and it worked perfectly.
    2. Initially, I tried to install using unetbootin but it did not work.
  2. After Installation
    1. Font size: Font looked tiny at first. I changed font size by using universal access menu and then choosing text size to be large. I could have also used dconf editor (org>gnome>desktop>interface) but did not.
    2. Gesture Support: I used libinput-gestures.
    3. Disable Bluetooth at startup: For some reason, Bluetooth gets started during startup (probably a 16.04 issue). I disabled it by adding rfkill block bluetooth in /etc/rc.local .
    4. Chrome zoom: I set Chrome zoom level to 125% by default (Search for zoom in Chrome settings and you will get it).
  3. Experience so far
    1. It has been really good. I am in academia and this laptop is my daily driver.
    2. Touchscreen works but not sure about tablet mode. I don't use either of those, so it is not an issue.
    3. Battery life is less (about 6-7hours) than what I was getting with Windows 10 (about 9 hours). But still good enough for daily work.
    4. There is a bug (not specific to elementary) where a process takes a lot of CPU at the start. It goes away after you touch the screen once.

I will add more things as I notice them. I think it will be good if there is a place where people can write down their experiences with different laptop models. This makes life easier for a new user who wants to buy a new laptop.

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