However plugging in a usb keyboard and mouse works and strangely the Cap Lock light is on the built in keyboard and an it seems to shows up when I run the command xinput --list. Both the internal keyboard and touchpad works in Windows 10 though. My laptop is a Toshiba Satellite C55-B5319.

  • I have been having issues with my touchpad sensitivity and acceleration on my Dell Inspiron 7579 as a result of a recent update and only takes effect on a new install after the first update. Cassidy James Blaede suggested it might be an update to a Synaptic package, but I don't have that installed so there is no fix. I wonder if we're both affected by the same thing. We're not the only ones. There are other posts on here about a similar issue. Seems to be related to a libinput update. The elementary team is too focused on app center to care it seems. – Sean Patterson Aug 14 '17 at 13:49
  • when running the command xev, do you get anything when typing on the keyboard?, if you don't, what happens when you install evtest (sudo apt-get install evtest), run sudo evtest, choose your keyboard and type on your keyboard?. – santileortiz Aug 15 '17 at 19:08

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