Due to my relatively poor vision, I prefer to have large icons and form fields in all of my working environments. I don't need to take it as far as installing Vinux though.

In Manjaro and other OSes, I can customise the login manager. I have just installed elementary OS. While I do understand the desig philosophy of minimal customisability, I would nevertheless like to have large fonts and form field height for the pantheon-greeter screen? How can I achieve this and make it a bit more accessible?

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edit /etc/lightdm/pantheon-greeter.conf for example, I'm using Roboto font for the login screen

    font-name=Roboto 11
  • Be sure to open /etc/lightdm/pantheon-greeter.conf in a plain-text text-editor, such as Scratch which comes with EOS, or nano / vim on the command line. Nov 6, 2017 at 9:22

You can tweak the text size in System Settings -> Universal Access -> Display -> Reading. enter image description here


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