I would like to use x2go to connect to my Elementary OS machine, but don't know what session type or custom session to use. enter image description here

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As per x2go Client's "Desktop Environment Compatibility" page, Elementary OS's "Pantheon" shell (of the Gnome Desktop Environment) is officially not supported. You could open a new bug report with "wishlist" severity, following the instructions here. It won't be easy to support Pantheon, because there's already other rather difficult problems blocking x2go client's support of the newest Gnome versions.

Another option might be to install a second desktop environment (such as XFCE, or LXDE, which x2go client fully supports) on your Elementary OS box, alongside Pantheon. But that would be a kludge, and I wouldn't be surprised if you encountered many problems and annoyances, because XFCE and LXDE wouldn't use Elementary's "switchboard" technology. Elementary OS strongly assumes you'll use Pantheon, and only Pantheon. You can't choose between DE's at the lightdm login screen, for instance.

If x2go is crucial for you right now, consider switching to a Linux distro such as LXLE, which uses LXDE from the get-go. Just like Elementary, LXLE is designed to be very lightweight.

  • I guess the development for x2go has slow down a bit, since there is no word for support for Pantheon. even though it has been recognized in both the freedesktop.org menu specification and in AppStream for over a year now. You are right about the inconsistency. I tried x2go with openbox on elementary OS. The pantheon shell has a black window behind it and it does seem kludgy. I am torn. Nov 26, 2017 at 19:57

I know this is an old thread, however, it might still pop up. If you connect using "X2Go/X11 Desktop Sharing" it will render the 'Console" view or the same view that is seen when you log into the computer physically.

Session Type Settings:

Session Type Settings screen shot

For your viewing pleasure:

Screenshot of the Running Desktop

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