First day using Elementary and I didn't change the default SMTP setting on a couple of accounts. Everything is grayed out in Mail, so I tried editing the .ini file in .local/share/pantheon-mail/ but that didn't change anything. It would be pretty useful if these settings could be changed.

Otherwise, a great distro!

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Editing server details is currently not possible in Geary accounts/edit, as mentioned in the comment from @globetrotterdk

It says in the help menu option:

Editing existing accounts - From the Accounts dialog, select an account and click the pencil icon to change various settings. Please note that Geary cannot change server settings on an existing account. If you need to change your IMAP or SMTP server, you will need to delete the account and re-add it.

These Geary Account help docs are also available online here.


Open Mail, go to the gear menu in the upper-right corner and select Accounts (or open Mail and press Ctrl + M). Select the account in question, and click the small edit icon in the lower-left corner (the pencil icon between the + and - icons). Double-clicking an account in the Accounts window will also open it for editing.Make your change and Save.

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    Both IMAP and SMTP settings are greyed out and impossible to edit in that view. Jul 2, 2017 at 4:43

It's grayed out for me too. I think the easiest would be to re-add these accounts...Still I'm not sure why there's no way of changing it inside Geary. Did you open a bug report for that? If not you could do that.


Maybe its a little bit too late, but maybe somebody else will need it:

You can change the settings in

$HOME/.local/share/pantheon-mail/<your mail-account>/geary.ini

with a normal editor. The settings in patheon mail are not changed so I don't know if it is something which will work in the future.

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