The touchpad seems to be working fine, except for the left or right key. When I click on them, the shutdown/reboot/sleep etc menu pops up and on clicking any key from the keyboard, the laptop simply shuts down. If I connect any external USB mouse or keyboard, it works perfectly fine.

Any idea how I can install the onboard keyboard correctly? There's another question on the thread facing the same issue but the answer doesn't point out how exactly to solve the issue.

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I had the issue when I installed Loki 0.4.1. (I was eagerly hoping for the SD card to be fixed) but I faced the same issue on my Asus E200HA

So reverted back to 0.4.0. this release doesn't have this issue (pressing a button on the on-board keyboard and going to sleep). Maybe this could help you as well?

The only things I didn't get working was the SD card reader and audio. The rest was pretty stable.

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