I know that you will tell me that I should use Libreoffice, but I have an Office licence and I still use it.

I use Wine to run Office 2007 but when I launch Word or any Office app, Wine launches a "Wine application loader" instead of the real Word app.

How can I display the actual Word icon on Plank?


If you have problems with starting MS Office with wine (silent crashes, etc.) then you might be missing some libraries (.dll) or you haven't properly installed it (You can install most of them through Winetricks).

To troubleshoot it, try running it through terminal like this:

wine /path/to/office/winword.exe

you should get some error details.

As with icons, similar questions have been answered here and here. To get the icon you want on plank, you need to create a .desktop file and put it in either :

~/.local/share/applications (your profile only)


/usr/share/applications (everyone, requires sudo access !).

Briefly, it should look something like this:

[Desktop Entry] Name=MS Word Exec=wine /path/to/office/winword.exe Icon=/path/to/your/MS\ Word/Icon/icon.png Type=Application StartupWMClass=Winword.exe

Also, if you are used to MS Office look and feel, maybe you could give Kingsoft office a try.

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