When I set Emacs(terminal) as my default editor and try to open a file, I get the error message

 Failed to execute child process "xterm" (No such file or directory)

Additionally, when I try to click on the Emacs(terminal) application, nothing happens (presumably because of the same error).

I know I can fix this by installing xterm (sudo apt install xterm). Ideally, however, I'd prefer to use the pantheon-terminal to do this. How can I trigger the elementary terminal when opening terminal applications?

Note: I tried using the dconf editor. org > gnome > desktop > applications > terminal. But the value for exec, 'pantheon-terminal' seems like it should open the elementary terminal.

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According to this post it should be:

io.elementary.terminal -e "emacs"

answer updated for Juno & Hera

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