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Since a few weeks now, I noticed that, every time I log into my eOS machine via ssh, my private directory (~) is unmounted. Meaning there is nothing but two files, namely Access-Your-Private-Data.desktop and README.txt, in my home.

To access my files like normal, I have to follow the instructions given in the readme, which is basically just executing ecryptfs-mount-private. Funny thing though, when prompted to enter my "login keyphrase," I have to enter the password I had originally set for my account when I first installed eOS. When trying it with my current password, I just get asked to retry.

Why could that be? I honestly have no idea! Apart from installing some GUI apps and auto-mounting my Synology's network share on boot, I didn't mess with the system in any way. This is the tutorial I followed for mounting the network drive.

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I actually could fix it myself. It had to do with the "Encrypt my home folder" option that I had ticked when installing the system. I don't know why exactly this behaviour was happening, but I could get around it by disabling the encryption of my /home/. Followed this tutorial to do so.

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