I installed webstorm using directions on another question. I launched intellij and webstorm at the same time the first time I launched webstorm. Then my machine froze. I had to hard restart. Now webstorm will not launch from the applications menu. I launched /tmp/webstorm/bin/webstorm.sh and it re-opened webstorm. I don't want to run a shell script to launch webstorm.

How can I uninstall webstorm? I want to redo the process.

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rm -rf ~/.WebStorm2017.1/ or whatever version you have intalled. Then just re-run the installer. Reinstalling corrected my installation failure.

Note: Be sure to unpack the webstorm.tar.gz files to a permanent location (not /tmp) like ~/Applications. This way webstorm will not delete itself when you close it >.<


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