I need to launch Switchboard Plugs directly from command line. What are the settings:// URIs of the Switchboard plugs?

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I found the Preference Opening Specification that contains a list of settings URIs used by Switchboard: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1N0uqNtVXEFn3cLgNMeN75mP_dpMpCco-7uw5PKow-_Q/edit

But due to the spec is old, there are missing URIs and some are not working for the following options:

  • Notifications
  • Security & Privacy/Locking
  • Printers [Not Working]
  • Sound/Input
  • Sound/Sound Effects
  • Sound/Applications
  • Network [Not Working]
  • Online Accounts [Not Working]
  • About
  • Parental Control

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