I'd like to bind Ctrl + L to tput reset rather than clear. Any ideas how to accomplish this?

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You can use a nice program called AutoKey, which allows you to bind keyboard shortcuts with text actions. To do what you need would be super easy. Take a look at this snapshot, you can copy paste itctrl+l in autokey

  • The keyboard.send_key("<enter>") doesn't seem to work for terminal. The alternative fake_keypress does work, but with too large of a delay.
    – bfletch
    Commented May 18, 2017 at 21:06

This is not for bash, so I will not accept this self posted answer.

I use zsh, and the following at the end of my .zshrc file works well for me:

# Hard clear shortcut
function hard_clear() {
  BUFFER="tput reset"
  zle accept-line 
  zle -U $bak_buff
zle -N hard_clear
bindkey "^[k" hard_clear

We create a function hard_clear() which backs up the buffer, replaces the buffer with tput reset, executes, then rewrites the old buffer. This function is bound to Alt + k.


If you are using zsh you can just use

bindkey "^[k" clear-screen

Works just as well and no need to define a function.

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