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The picture is the screenshot and you could see the error message. It cannot be copied and so I took screenshot.

any help appreciated. Thanks

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Download an install chrome

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Then go to Chrome WebStore and look for Messenger for WhatsApp and install it. Now go to the Apps section in Chrome, right click on Messenger for WhatsApp -> Create shortcuts -> tick Applications menu -> Close. Start WhatsApp from Applications and pair it using the QR code. enter image description here


You can try Rambox...it's a multi chat app and whatsapp is also included http://rambox.pro/


After an unsuccessful install of something by a missing dependency using apt one could use sudo apt install -f to satisfy all dependency packages needed in order to install other packages.

sudo apt install <some_package>

Dependency not satisfied in the last operation so:

sudo apt install -f

Now the dependencies are satisfied and the package <some_package> is installed properly.


I don't know if it's still under development but a year (or two) back I came across an unofficial WhatsApp client called Whatsie. I found it to be very useful. You should definitely check it out.

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