I need precise tutorial about installing Omega T (Cat Tools for translation) on Loki. In this case, Omega T need JRE and I have not installed the JRE yet. Is anybody here can help me?

Thank you

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According to their site, you should download the version including JRE: Omega T + JRE for Linux x64 Direct Link

Unpack the downloaded archive, right-click the newly created OmegaT_4.1.1_Beta_Linux_64 folder -> Open in -> Terminal. In here, input ./linux-install.sh and press Enter. From Terminal, launch it with omegat command. This should be it.

There is also an omegat version available in the ubuntu repository, but that is aparently not working properly. This one installs with sudo apt install omegat , but I got a Suitable java binary not found error, even though I am sure I have it installed

EDIT: the version from their own website is 4.1, so yeah, the repository version, at 2.3 relesed in 2013, is terribly outdated

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