How can I turn on "show open windows" dock element? I deleted this probably accidentally.

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Go to Applications menu, right-click on Multitasking View -> Add to Dock.

If by any chance it's not there, create a file called gala-multitaskingview.desktop in /usr/share/applications/ with these contents:

[Desktop Entry]
Name=Multitasking View
Comment=View all open windows and workspaces
GenericName=Multitasking View
Exec=dbus-send --session --dest=org.pantheon.gala --print-reply /org/pantheon/gala org.pantheon.gala.PerformAction int32:1

Careful with that Exec line, make sure to copy all of it, it's quite long.

Multitasking View in Slingshot

EDIT: Just remembered you could also assign the same functionality to one of the corners of your screen. Just go to System Settings -> Desktop -> Hot Corners, pick a corner and select an option from the drop-down menus. There is also a keyboard shortcut: WinKey + A or ⌘+A

  • Go to the applications bar
  • Set your applications bar to "view as grid" by clicking on the icon of four squares on the top left.
  • Look for "Multitasking View"
  • You should now see the blue icon
  • Right click on the icon and choose "Add to Dock"

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