I am trying to use Systemback with ElemntaryOS, but the resulting backup will not boot for want of AUFS support. Is the kernel modified from the base Ubuntu kernel? Thanks.

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This seemed to solve it:

sudo sh -c 'echo "overlay\naufs" | sudo tee -a /etc/initramfs-tools/modules'

sudo update-initramfs -u

You might have to install aufs-tools. Type in a terminal window:

sudo apt install aufs-tools
  • Thanks -- good suggestion!. I did need to install aufs-tools. Unfortunately, doing so didn't fix the problem. After adding aufs tools, I created a new systemback backup, but got the same error. Not sure what the issue is because the kernel appears to have aufs support.
    – Rsync
    Apr 23, 2017 at 20:02

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