I'm try to build and install Photos, but cmake give me an error:

No package 'geocode-glib-1.0' found

Already try to install try to install libgeocode-glib0.
Then install libgeocode-glib-dev and give me

A required package was not found

but without package name.

I'm able to create a simple vala application and run with
valac-0.34 --pkg geocode-glib-1.0


After a few hours trying and learning cmake basics I found it that a lot of packages searched by pkg_check_modules needs -dev dependencies. So I manually installed all missing dev packages.

  • Is it your answer? If yes, you don't need to add another question at the end of it. If no, it shouldn't be in answer section
    – Anwar
    Apr 18 '17 at 5:35

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