I've created two wired connections
* Wired Connection1
* Wired Connection2

Wired connection 1 is assigned a static IP address.
Wired connection 2 is set to get Dynamic IP automatically.

When I connected my system to LAN network through an ethernet cable, Wired is enabled (It displays connection in blue color). It has connected to Wired connection 1. But I want to switch to Wired connection 2. I don't see a way to switch these networks in Elementary OS.
Anybody have any idea?

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What I do is to run the command

$ nmcli connection show
NAME      UUID                                  TYPE          DEVICE  

Wired1    49b2a5bb-3104-4d4d-a2d6-ec39d3d7c75c  802-3-ethernet  enp0s25 
Wireless1 420a1462-c582-430c-9acc-a326b900f8e5  802-11-wireless wlp3s0

It will show which connections are active. Then, if I want to switch my wired connection I run

$ nmcli device disconnect enp0s25
Device 'enp0s25' successfully disconnected.

Finally, I active another connection running

$ nmcli connection up Wired2
Connection successfully activated (D-Bus active path: 
  • Though I can't control connections through GUI, CLI alternately is very easy to use. Exactly what I needed. I created aliases for switching wired connections. Thanks.
    – NayabSD
    Commented Apr 28, 2017 at 6:56

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