I managed to screw up my python by upgrading 2.7.6 to 2.7.13; now the system has 2.7.13; I managed to find out that I can add a file called allow_downgrade under etc/apt/preferences_d/ to downgrade to the factory settings. however this doesn't help me downgrade Python to the original 2.7.6. this solution was originally for Ubuntu. I thought it should work as well.

Is there a way I can still fix the system? I can see that some deps have already been messed up because of this.

Thanks a lot!

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If the original package is still available somewhere in your repositories, you could do that with

sudo apt install -f python=2.7.6

After this, you might still have to run sudo apt install -f a couple of time to get other dependencies downgraded as well.

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