My sound stopped working after the first update came in for Elementary Loki. The sound works fine if I boot in live mode from a jump drive. I installed to hard drive 4/3/2017. I've checked to make sure it's not muted in mixer. I ran the command to make sure the sound card was recognized and it is there. My sound card is on the mother board and is HDA Intel, Realtek ALC888. I see several other posts but no fix. One suggestion I saw was to add hda Intel generic to the alsa-base.conf. That did not work for me either. If anyone had this problem and found a fix I would greatly appreciate the info.

  • I had a similar issue a few months ago. In the end it was a bios update that fixed my sound issues. It was strange though because it didn't manifest until I received an elementary update.
    – pretz
    Commented Apr 6, 2017 at 12:50

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Had same problem for last two days after update. Installed pavucontrol and selected the external soundcard through it instead of through settings. Worked.

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